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Whether you're in business, in a career, a student or a retiree, earning your freedom is just around the corner...

Learning the Presentation

Probably the most important videos of them all, make sure you complete watching the 4 videos featured on the thumbnail below of this section.

The 4:40 System

Follow the teachings of this series, and you'll be on your way to learning how to do the Nayangu Business

The 4-Steps of The 4:40 System

Step 1 - Start Your Nayangu Business Now!

Start your Nayangu business and start molding your future. Click here to register. Enter “erickfab” as your referror/sponsor. This is your first step towards time and financial freedom.

Step 2 - Stop and Study

Stop and Study! We know you are excited to kickstart your new business. But we in Nayangu believe that if we help you sharpen your skills and equip you properly, you will find that doing this business can truly be easy and fun. Do not talk to anyone yet, STUDY THE VIDEOS found on this page.

Step 3- Seek and Get Your 4

After making sure you now know enough of the business and is able to present by yourself. Ask your sponsor to help talk to your first 4 people. This is where you should now seek and register the 4 people you would like to grow rich with.

Step 4 - Setup your 40 Points Consumption

When everybody commits to just consume products, there’s no need to be like salesmen. A culture of 4 people consuming at least $55.00 worth every month will eventually create a ripple effect of thousands and millions of people consuming products they already use everyday.

Learn how to be part of this wealth creation system...

We can help you achieve the life you want by assisting you in following these simple steps. There’s no pressure for you to quit your job, leave your business nor leave school. Get back to the person who shared this website to you. Thank them for wanting you to be part of their circle of success. Remember, they only needed 4, you must be special to them for including you in their thoughts. Thank you.

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